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PJ's Quilt & Longarm Studio 
"A Quilt Lovers' Hangout"
3323 N. Key Drive Units 1-6
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Quilter Select Rulers

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Non-Slip Ruler 3 x 12


QS Ruler 10x10 (Quilters Select)


QS Ruler 12.5x12.5 (Quilter Select)


QS Ruler 3x18 (Quilters Select)


QS Ruler 5x5 (Quilters Select)


QS Ruler 6.5x24 (Quilter Select)


QS Ruler 6x12 (Quilters Select)


QS Ruler 6x24 (Quilter Select)


QS Ruler 8.5x24 (Quilters Select)


QS Ruler 8.5x8.5 (Quilter Select)


QS-FF2OZ Free Fuse Powder 2oz With Dispenser Tube


QS-FFPOWDER Free Fuse Powder Refills


QS-MAT1824 Dual Side Cutting Mat 18in x 24in


QS-MAT2436 Dual Side Cutting Mat 24in x 36in


QS-RUL2X8 Long Arm Ruler 2in x 8in


QS-RUL3CL Machine Quilting Ruler 3in & 1-1/2in


QS-RUL3X12Q QS Precision Machine Quilting Ruler


QS-RUL45 Non-Slip Ruler 4-1/2in x 4-1/2in


QS-RUL4CL QS-RUL4CL Machine Quilting Ruler 4in x & 2in


QS-RUL5CL Machine Quilting Ruler 5in & 2-1/2in


QS-RUL6CL Machine Quilting Ruler 6in & 1in


QS-SEM Select Self-Erase Marker


QSAS-2025 Select Appli-Stick 20in PER YARD


Select Ruler Handle


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