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Kimberbell Notions

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Applique Glitter Sheets - White Polka Dot - Kimberbell Designs


Applique Glitter Sheets Black Polka Dot 19-1/2in x 7-1/2in


Crocheted Edge Trim Grey


Crocheted Edge Trim Lime Green


Crocheted Edge Trim Red


Cute As A Button Pink Lime Green Aqua and Black


Cute As A Button White Yellow Orange and Red


Emboidery Felt - Gingerbread


Emboridery Leather Robins Egg Blue


Embroidery Felt - Antique White


Embroidery Felt - Cherry Red


Embroidery Felt - French Pink


Embroidery Felt - Fresh Mint


Glitter Dot Organza Pack Silver Red and Purple


KIDKB1243 - Embellish Kit for Main Street Celebration Bench Pillow


Kimberbell Applique Glitter Sheet - Red Polka Dot


Kimberbell Applique Glitter Sheet- Black


Kimberbell Applique Glitter Sheet- Blue


Kimberbell Applique Glitter Sheet- Copper


Kimberbell Applique Glitter Sheet- Lavender


Kimberbell Applique Glitter Sheet- Light Gold


Kimberbell Applique Glitter Sheet- Silver


Kimberbell Applique Glitter Sheet- Sky Blue


Kimberbell Applique Glitter Sheet- White


Kimberbell Blanks 5-1/2in x 9-1/2in Pillow Form


Kimberbell Blanks 8in x 8in Pillow Form


Kimberbell Bouquets Fall Pull Flowers


Kimberbell Bouquets Summer Pull Flowers


Kimberbell Paper Tape


Kimberbellishments Green Ribbon Set


Kimberbellishments Red & Pink Ribbon Set


Kimberbellishments Yellow & Orange Ribbon Set


Mylar Jewel Tones Set 7in x 7in 12pk


Mylar Neutral Tones Set 7in x 7in 12pk


Orange Pop Rulers Rectangle Set


Orange Pop Rulers Square Set


Polka Dot App Glitter Sheet Green


Polka Dot App Glitter Sheet Pink


Polka Dot Tea Towels - Red


Polka Dot Tea Towels Grey


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