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Broken Windows Jewel Basin Kit

Quilt design by Quilting Renditions, featuring Jewel Basin, a Hoffman Spectrum Digital Print collection, designed by McKenna Ryan.

Finished Quilt Size: 74 1/2" x 86 1/2"

Skill Level: Advanced Beginner

Additional Supplies Needed: 
Batting: Double
Piecing and sewing thread
Quilting and sewing supplies

Pattern: Broken Windows by Quilting Renditions

Fabrics included in this kit are:
(A) 1895-197 Black Grape (substituted for Bubble Gum background)
(B) MRD28-451
(C) MRD21-21
(D) MRD21-311
(E) MRD22-120
(F) MRD22-581
(G) MRD23-21
(H) MRD23-229
(I) MRD23-324
(J) MRD24-120
(K) MRD24-170
(L) MRD25-87
(M) MRD25-N45
(N) MRD26-228
(O) MRD26-562
(P) MRD27-30
(Q) MRD27-70
(R) MRD28-451
(S) MRD29-91
(T) MRD29-703

The main fabrics in the image of this kit, with the exception of the background fabric, are included in this kit.

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