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PJ's Quilt & Longarm Studio 
"A Quilt Lovers' Hangout"
3323 N. Key Drive Units 1-6
North Fort Myers, FL 33903

(239) 995-0045
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Beginner Sit & Stitch

This is a class for beginners to continue working on their skills.

God Bless America Embroidery Project Class

Celebrate your love of this great country when you craft this 'Made in Hoop' patriotic display that features vivid applique shapes with star and stripe detail, bold satin stitch lettering and bright stars above and below.

Bernina Mastery Embroidery Class

The purpose of this class is to learn how to use the Embroidery software within your Bernina embroidery machine. This is for beginners that have not used their Bernina embroidery module, or need a refresher.

In this course you will learn to master your BERNINA Embroidery machine. You will learn everything you need to successfully embroider with your machine, including setting up your machine for embroidery, customizing your machine?s settings, navigating your embroidery screens, adding lettering, editing your designs, placing designs, changing thread colors and more. We will work step by step through hands-on activities from the My BERNINA Embroidery Mastery Workbook.

Aug 20
Bernina Mastery Sewing Class
Aug 23
Beginner Sit & Stitch
Aug 24
Paper Pieced Seahorse Mini Quilt Class

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  • 3323 N. Key Drive, Unit 1-6
  • North Fort Myers, FL 33903
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