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PJ's Quilt & Longarm Studio 
3323 N. Key Drive Units 1-6
North Fort Myers, FL 33903

(239) 995-0045
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Longarm Rental Training with Q-Matic Software 
Note: Training for purchases of a Bernina Q machine on a frame with Q-Matic are treated differently than Bernina longarm rental. 

Training requirements
Session: Average 4-6 hours with staff member. 
Machine:   Bernina Q24 on professional 13 ft frame
Automation:       Q-Matic software
Maximum Quilt Size:    Up to 60 x 60 inches on average, which is a Throw size up to a Twin size.  3 Yard Quilt patterns work perfect and take approximately 5 hours to complete during training.
Supplies needed: Quilt top, batting and backing material 
Note:  Please do not bring sheet material, minky, fleece or other non-cotton/batik fabric for the backing. 
** Minky can be used during regular longarm rental, just not for training. 
No embellishments on the quilt top will be accepted.  
All applique needs to be stitched down.
Supplies provided: Thread - Glide
No thread substitutes will be accepted.  

Limited edge-to-edge designs available. 
- Mermaid Fingers 
- Fluid Power (meander) 
- Ripcurl 
- Kindling
- TBD (to be continued) 
Services provided: Training on racking the quilt using Redsnappers.    (No pinning) 
Bobbin will be filled by staff member. 
Tension will be tested by staff member. 
Training on edge-to-edge quilting with Q-Matic set up. 
- Setting the safe area to quilt
- Select quilt design 
- Determine # of repeats and rows
- Resizing design 
- Trimming sides 
- Rolling quilt (snap to point) 
- General safety measures for personal injury

Edge-to-edge training is 1 single pattern that runs from the left to right sides of the row. 
Disclaimer: The rules and guidelines for training are subject to change.
Damage Fee: If you do damage to the machine which causes a service tech to do repairs, there will be a fee of $50 per hour plus parts. 

Example:  If you hold a scissors over your quilt top and the machine needle strikes the scissors, you will break the needle. 
In addition, the needle bar will need to be readjusted in order to properly catch the bobbin thread.  In the meantime, the 
machine can no longer be used as it is awaiting repairs. 
Liability: You are responsible for any personal injury you incur while using the machine.  Your signature is required on a release form
before training can begin.
Cost/Fee: The retail cost of the Bernina machine is considerable.  This particular machine has all of the bells and whistles.  
This includes hydraulics, which comes in very handy for the tall and short quilters. 

The business cost of providing a longarm rental service is: 
- Fixed costs associated to the unit rental
- Utilities (e.g. water, air)
- Staff cost to provide you the training and best user experience as possible.  
- Liability insurance required for unforeseen events 
- Business property insurance coverage 

Fee of training:  $125
Cancellation Policy: If you are sick during your scheduled date, please let us know so that we can reschedule your session.   

If you are unable to meet the date that you scheduled, a 7 day notice is required (except due to illness).  We will reschedule your session to a new date.   Refunds are a case-by-case basis and are handled with store credit.
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