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PJ's Quilt & Longarm Studio 
3323 N. Key Drive Units 1-6
North Fort Myers, FL 33903

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Longarm Rental - Edge-to-Edge (E2E) 

Hourly Rate: $35 per hour

Hours: Start time is 10:15 am and we close at 5pm. 

Please be respectful of our business hours.  If time is wasted during the day, it could cause us to stay after business hours so that you can finish your quilt.  If you have a 1 day rental and did not finish -  you are not able to leave the quilt on the machine for the next business day.  

If the quilt is removed from the rack, and you need to come back on another day - you will be paying the hourly rate to re-rack the quilt plus finish it.   In addition, during the racking process, the quilt may not roll the same as it was previously (which is common for larger quilts).  It also takes longer to get the quilt on the rack to restart stitching when it needs to be re-aligned.

Requirement:          Must successfully complete the Longarm Rental Training for E2E quilting prior.

If you have not completed this requirement before you reserve a time, you may have to reschedule.   

** Training with PJ's is required, even if you have had training at another shop or have experience with a different brand of machine.  Prior training at Quilt Lovers' Hangout on the Gammill does not qualify you as trained on the Bernina machine.  

What you must bring:           The following is required by you: 
- Quilt top
- Quilt backing (4" added for each side) 
- Batting
- Seam ripper 
- Rotary Cutter (if you plan on using our cutting table to trim your quilt) 
- Large sewing scissors for excess batting away.

Thread charge: There will be a thread charge of $2.25 per bobbin. 

Partially used bobbins are counted as a full bobbin.  ** Please note that we have to empty bobbins for re-use in other colors and it is not realistic to have an unlimited number of bobbins available for each spool of thread available.

Thread type: The only thread that is allowed is Glide that we will have in the shop.  Glide is a polyester thread that quilts up beautifully, and is used to longarm nationally.  We also have Aurifil White thread on big cones available at this time. 

No other brands of these are allowed, since this affects your tension.  

Thread colors: A thread collection of Glide will be available in the shop.  The thread will be the same color in the top and bobbin.  Variegated threads are not being offered at this time.  

Quilt size: You can bring any size of quilt, however, if it is a King size then you may need more than 1 business day to complete the project.    If you are bringing in a King size quilt we want you to reserve 2 consecutive days to complete the quilt.  Total charges will be re-accessed on a case-by-case basis.  

Snips: Each machine will have snips available for cutting the tie offs.
Oil: Oiling and warming up the machine will be completed by an employee.

Bobbins: Filling bobbins will be done by an employee.

Cleaning machine: Cleaning the machine will be done by an employee.

Tension: Testing and setting tension will be done by an employee.

Be Respectful: No talking of politics, religion, etc. that can make others uncomfortable. 

Be respectful of our time, and the other duties that we have.  We are not able to do as much chatting as you may want to do.   Our goal is to provide the best quilting experience on the machine during normal business hours.  

Damage: If you do damage to the machine which causes a service tech to do repairs, you will be accessed a fee of $50 (labor) per hour + parts.

Example:  If you hold a scissors over your quilt top and the machine needle strikes the scissors, you will break the needle. In addition, the needle bar will need to be readjusted in order to properly catch the bobbin thread.  In the meantime, the machine can no longer be used as it is awaiting repairs. 

Be prepared: It is important that you be prepared! 

Your back seams need to be sewn and they need to be square!!!   This is important!  During our regular edge-to-edge service, we run into quilt backs that are not straight.  Uneven quilt backs have to be fixed before they can be racked.   This slows down the entire quilting process and lengths your rental fee. 

We recommend that you use the tear method to straighten your quilt backs.

Measure your quilt top & quilt back before you come in for your appointment!  
The fabric will be measured again before racking, however, you do not want surprises.  I would recommend that you write down your measures taken at home.  On a regular basis we get customers that swear they have enough fabric, however, they do not.  You do not want to be disappointed if you come in and we find out that you are unable to even start because you do not have enough fabric.  

Be prepared - so that you can be HAPPY!

Pay attention: It is important that you pay attention to what the machine is doing during quilting! 

This is very important!   The machine is going to do what you tell it to do.  So, if you roll the quilt incorrectly and it starts stitching over a previous row - that is something that you want to stop the machine immediately for.  This is where you need to start using your seam ripper.    If there is a lot of stitching to remove because you didn't notice the issue - then we have to take into consideration the amount of time remaining in the day.  

Disclaimer: This information is subject to change at any time.
Comfort level: We understand that until you rent the longarm a number of time, you will feel uncomfortable.  Therefore, we are they to supervise and help you within reason.  The purpose of this is that you can quilt your top.  Start to have confidence in yourself, but remember to listen to guidance that you are given.  The employee has a considerable amount of experience handling the machine and issues that can arise.  
Cancellation policy: If you are sick during your scheduled date, please let us know so that we can reschedule your session.   

If you are unable to meet the date that you scheduled, a 7 day notice is required (except due to illness).  We will reschedule your session to a new date.   Refunds are a case-by-case basis and are handled with store credit.
Questions & Answers: 
Question          Answer
Are there any restrictions on type of fabric for backing?         Yes.  We would like you to have the best experience possible and not to have to fight with tension issues. 

You can use the following types of fabrics: 
- 100% quilting cotton fabric 
- 100% quilting cotton wideback 
- Minky 
- Batik quilting fabric 

This is not a complete list, however, please do not bring the following: 
- Bed sheet 
- Gauze
- Knits 

If you have some other type of fabric, please call us ahead of time to discuss with Judy whether or not your fabric preference will be an issue.
Are there any restrictions on type of batting? Batting is required. 

You can bring your own batting, but it must be quilting batting.  

We also sell batting that is available in 100% cotton, 80/20, Wool, Bamboo, Poly, Poly Puff from Dream Cotton.  We also carry some Hobbs batting by the roll. 

Do I need to pre-order batting? Dream Cotton generally takes 2-3 weeks to ship out batting orders.  This is longer than prior to CoVid.  

We carry the following battings in stock every day: 
Loft Type  Color Description of Loft Sizes    Manufacturer
Request     100% cotton      
White & Natural       

This is the thinnest batting that is offered.   
This is lightweight. 

Dream Cotton
Select 100% cotton White & Natural This is a thicker batting than Request. 

This is the batting that we recommend even for Florida. 
The stitch quality using this batting is better than a Request batting. 
Dream Cotton

We carry a limited supply of the following battings, however, we order more as needed:
Loft Type Color Description of Loft Sizes Manufacturer
Deluxe       100% cotton       Natural only             This is a thicker batting than Select.                                                Throw 
Dream Cotton
Poly 100% polyester Natural This is a warmer batting than 100% cotton.   This batting is denser
than 100% cotton batting.
All sizes Dream Cotton
80/20 80% cotton
20% polyester
Natural This is a warmer batting than 100% cotton, however, not as dense 
as the 100% polyester.
All sizes Dream Cotton
Bamboo Bamboo

Natural This is a warmer batting like the 80/20 and 100% polyester.   Dream Cotton

Black batting is available based on pre-order, since a limited supply may be available.

Can I have embellishments? No embellishments like buttons and beads can be on the quilt top. 

Can I have prairie points? All prairie points must be based down and will be quilted over during the edge-to-edge process. 

Can I have unsecured applique fabric? All unsecured applique fabric must be based down or glued down.  If you have any applique edges that lift up, you run the risk of the fabric folding over during the edge-to-edge process.   

Am I at risk for injury? Well of course you are!  Common sense is needed to know that you don't put your hands under the needle.  Don't place your hands on the quilt  when it is running.  By signing up for this session, you are accepting the risk regarding your actions.  You will need to sign a waiver for this.  

Is my quilt at risk? Well, if you walk away from your quilt and the machine has a needle break - your quilt is at risk.   You need to be attentive and watch what is occurring with the machine.   There is a PAUSE/STOP button that can quickly be hit to stop the machine. 

The need to do an emergency stop does not occur very often, however, there is a risk.   

There will be a staff member present to help with emergencies, however, you will be the person monitoring the machine in the closest proximity, so you will be the first person who will hit the PAUSE/STOP button.  

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