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PJ's Quilt & Longarm Studio 
3323 N. Key Drive Units 1-6
North Fort Myers, FL 33903

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We provide a service to long arm quilts.   This service is done locally in our shop.  

Long arm pricing
The standard pricing for long arm quilting is 2.5 cents per square inch for edge-to-edge (E2E) quilting.  The staff at the register are trained to intake quilts.   You do not need to speak with a longarm staff, unless there is something very unusual regarding your quilt.  

We do offer custom quilting that can be between 5-10 cents a square inch.  Minimum $100 for small quilts that are custom quilted. Consults are required for custom quilting.

We also charge $2.25 per bobbin filled during quilting. 

There is a minimum charge of $50 plus thread charge.  

Question:   How do I calculate square inches? 
Answer:   [Width] X [Length] = [Square inches] 

Possible additional charges that can be incurred by the customer: 
  1. Border issues ($20 per hour).    Example:  border does not ay flat on the long arm, and needs to have fabric removed to do so. 
  2. Piecing issues ($20 per hour).  Example:  if there are open seams that need to be closed, we want to have that done before quilting begins.) 
  3. Backing is too small ($.02 per square inch plus cost of fabric).  
Please note:  fabric needs to be a minimum of 4 inches extra for the back on all sides.  If a large design is selected, it could require up to 6 inches on each design.  If you do not include enough fabric to mount on the long arm you run the risk that the additional fabric added does not match the remaining portion of your fabric back. 

Recommendation:  If you need to add fabric to your back, please do so horizontally across the middle (or offset) of the backing for better results.  Do not add a border to your backing and expect that it will be perfect when finished, since the fabric top may not be exactly the same size as back.  

4. Reserved quilting spot.  This is a fee that is credited back when your quilt is picked up.  This fee reserves a spot for your unfinished quilt on the long arm calendar.  

Please note:  quilts are completed in a first-come-first-serve, with a few exceptions.   When the staff has a small window to complete a quilt, but the next one is a large quilt and can not be completed by end of day.  We also will do a periodic rush quilts, which usually are for a birthday or gift.  

5. Piecing of back ($12 per seam)

6. Trim the quilt after quilting, so that you do not have to trim from home.  ($15) 

7.  Binding:  a) attach to front only;  b) machine applies both sides;  c) hand sewn on back 

Please note:  2.5" strips are used as a standard for binding.   If you do not provide the binding, the fabric can be picked out at the store, and the cost of the fabric will be added to your bill.  

8. Batting can be provided, however, we do sell it in the shop and request that this is paid for at the time that the quilt is dropped off.   We sell Dream Cotton.

Preparing your quilt for machine quilting

Quilt top square up
Make sure that your sides are as close to the same width along the entire length of the quilt top.  If you have pieced your quilt top accurately, properly squared it up, and calculated the length of your borders correctly, it should like flat and be free of puckers.   The puckers will show up when the quilt top is placed on the long-arm and rolled.  Rolling of the quilt should show the quilt continues to lay flat.  If the quilt does not lay flat, it will pucker, unless the orders are removed and the extra fabric removed.   Setting triangles can cause the quilt to not lay flat as well.

Borders are calculated correctly when you properly cut and measure your quilt top sides.  In addition, you can use sewing pins to lay the border flat against the quilt piece before sewing on.  Borders should fit the quilt.  This is important!  As you prefer to apply your borders, take three measurements through the centers of your quilt top.  Use the average of the three measurements and cut the corresponding borders equal to the average of measurements.  Mark the borders and quilt edges in eighths and work in or "ease" the borders to your quilt.    

Issues will result in charges to your bill
Any inconsistencies with the quilt top will not be "quilted out".  We will be fixing the issue before quilting continues and reflect additional charges on your bill.  

Quilt top edges 
If you have bias seams or a lot of seams along the outside edge of your top, stay stitch the seams to prevent the edges from stretching and to keep the seams from coming apart. 

Do you keep any button or other embellishments on the quilt, which will cause a needle to break.   If these are on the quilt, we will be cutting them off the quilt and return them to you when you pick up the quilt.  Buttons and other hard embellishments can cause damage to a long arm.  

Unfinished Edges in applique 
If you have unfinished edges in applique and the fabric can be turned over, the long arm will not necessarily be keeping the fabric for the applique laying flat.  This would require custom work to long arm and additional charges apply.   We will not risk damage to the machine by holding the edges down, and we will not risk injury to the employee. 

Trim & Press
Trim all the loose threads that are on the top of your quilt.  Press your quilt top well and fold it carefully.  All seams should be pressed flat.  Please do not layer top, batting and backing before folding.  Fold each piece separately.    Do not baste or pin your layers together.  

If your quilt top has a specific orientation (the top is different from the bottom), mark the top of your quilt with a piece of paper indicating "TOP".  Attach the paper to the top of your quilt with a safety pin, not a sewing pin.  

Your backing should be 100% cotton.  Poly/cotton blends and 100% polyester will stretch differently and could cause tucks and puckering when quilting.  Please - no sheets.   Minky or Shannon Cuddle is fine with a loose design.  Please do not use a Sateen fabric with T-Shirt Quilts.

Piece your backing using a 1/2" seam allowance and cut off any selvage edges after stitching the seam.  You can leave the selvage edges on the outside of the quilt.   

Press the quilt back.  Press seams open.   

Please avoid adding a border to your back, since this may not center correctly when mounted on the long arm.  You may think that your quilt will fit perfect but it may not.  

Your backing and batting should be at least 4" bigger on all sides.  Example:  If your quilt top is 60 x 80, then your batting and backing should be 68 x 88.  If you request a trim, we will be returning your extra fabric when you pick up your quilt.   

If the quilt is folded in half and laid on a flat surface, you should see 90 degree corners.  This ensures the backing goes on the machine quilting frame straight and is important for keeping the design straight with your top.   If you quilt is not squared, the quilt design may look tilted.  

This area represents designs that are available for long-arm services.  Not all patterns are available to display here, since a large number of designs do not have PDF files to attach.

After Hours

Airplane Meander

All Aboard

Along Came a Spider

Amaryllis Grande

Anchors Aweigh

Andi Frolicking Fern

Apricot Moon


Baptist Fan

Bird of Paradise

Bon Fire

Butterfly Bliss

Celtic Curls

Celtic Cross

Celtic Curls

Christmas Cookies


Cupcake Party

Day Tripper

Deer in the Woods

Diagonal Plaid

Double Bubble

Enchanted Rose

Floating Clouds

Flower Child

Formal Feather

Geometric Path


Gulf Stream

Harbor Waves



Hip Kitties

Hockey Swirl

Jeannies Feather (not edge to edge)

Jolly St. Nick


Let it Snow


Miami Mingle (Flamingo)


Music Notes

My Little Seahorse

Nice Melons (not edge to edge)

Orange Peel

Over the Moon


Pina Colada

Pumpkin Fest Petite


Sea Glass


Silver Bells

Snowflakes and Curlicues


Star Heart

Star Spangle Allover

Starry Melons #1 (not edge to edge)

Stephs Celtic

Stephs Celtic Maze

True Blue

Vintage Stitches

Water Dance

Winter Holly

Winter Wonderland
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