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PJ's Quilt & Longarm Studio 
3323 N. Key Drive Units 1-6
North Fort Myers, FL 33903

(239) 995-0045
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PJ's Quilt and Longarm Studio is a Bernina Excellence Partner. 

The BERNINA Excellence Partner program recognizes stores who provide superior customer service and support through a combination of excellent product knowledge, innovative programs and education. Stores who meet our rigorous criteria have shown their dedication and are proudly identified in our store locator listings.

This shop is owned by my husband and I - Pat & Judy Sherman. My first machine was a Bernina 830 LE (limited edition). The Bernina 830 was originally released in April 2009.  The limited edition came out shortly later, with a different face plate. The limited edition machine promotion at that time invited the customers to come to Chicago for a special week of training by Bernina.  Pat, our youngest daughter, a foreign exchange student (from Sweden) and I made that trip to Chicago.  I went to class everyday, while Pat took the kids sight-seeing.  

When Pat and I became certified dealers for Bernina, I went to the product training and Pat went to the technical training.  

Pat is a certified Bernina technician.  He learned directly from Bernina!  This was a full week of training, which involved taking machines apart and putting them back together.  Pat will tell you that he prefers Bernina over other models, because of how their machines are engineered.   Bernina has a metal interior and is built to last.  

I am very proud of my husband for the work that he does.  

Here are some situations that occurred since we came back from training: 

Customer's husband accidentally dropped new machine on the ground - needle end down.  Pat was able to replace the damaged parts and get the machine running again.  Most of us had been in tears when the machine was dropped off, just like the owner.  A brand new machine.  Pat did extensive research thru the documents at Bernina in order to pull out the pieces that had been pushed in when hitting the road. 

Judy had a customer call in and request a new bobbin case, because that is what she was told was needed.  Instead, she told the customer to bring in the bobbin and the machine.  It was just a wire that was out of place, and no new bobbin case was needed.  

A customer called and said that they accidentally turned off their lights and didn't know how to turn them back on.  Pat walked her thru on the phone how turn the lights back on.  

There are so many stories that can be told.  What it comes down to is - We care!  We truly believe that Bernina's are fantastic machines.  We are not going to try to upsell you.  We are going to help you when you have an issue, and you do not know what to do.  

Take this from someone that can say - My Bernina sewing machine is my "baby" and it is just as important as my husband's Harley!   :)


If your machine needs a repair or needs to be serviced, bring it in to us.  

PJ's Quilt and Longarm Studio 
3323 N. Key Drive Unit #2 
North Fort Myers, FL 33903 
(239) 995-0045 

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